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"An IMPOSSIBLE List is not a bucket list. A bucket list is static - you make it once and likely forget about it.

An IMPOSSIBLE List grows with you over time. It's designed to help you push our limits and do something IMPOSSIBLE every day. As you get stronger and better, you'll see your impossible list expands along with your goals and your life."

Current Focus:

Right now I am focused on building the necessary discipline and attitude so I can perform on a higher level in my job and build something for myself.

Last 5 Completed Goals

  • Build a carport on my property
  • Spend a nice time at a 5-star retreat for our wedding anniversary with my wife
  • Upgrade home theatre to 4K
  • Complete garden makeover
  • Get a 6-figure job

Fitness/Health Goals

  • Get into the best shape of my life my November 2022 - FAILED
  • Adapt keto & LCHF diet - FAILED
  • Lose 14kg (Current: 10kg)
  • Complete a Spartan Race
  • Do 10 Pullups

Professional Goals

  • Join a high level mastermind group
  • Join a marketing mastermind group - [Oct. 2022]
  • Create and run my own mastermind group - [Sept. 2022)
  • Build network of 1.000 people on LinkedIn and/or Facebook by the end of 2023 (Current: ?)
  • Build a side-hustle with additional income of 5.000€ or / month
  • Build an emal list with over 10.000 people on it
  • Win Two-Comma Club Award with Clickfunnels

Habit Goals

  • Wake up & go to bed at the same time every day
  • Fast for 16h at least 5 times per week - [Nov. 21st 2022]
  • Kill all distractions during the day
  • Adapt "BASB" method
  • Do a year review for 2022
  • Celebrate "Rauhnächte" 2022

Creative Goals

  • Build a stylish home office with my wife for the both of us
  • Create a paid newsletters for marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Help 100 marketers and entrepreneurs through my emails
  • Help 1000 marketers and entrepreneurs through my emails
  • Write a book on Stoicism
  • Start a podcast about Stoicism
  • Start an online business - [Mar. 2020]

Skill Goals

  • Build an offer that generates 6-figures per month
  • Learn how to run a company
  • Learn how to use chopsticks

Fun and/or "Insane" Goals

  • Buy a car tent and go on a wild outdoor adventure with my family
  • Host X-Mas dinner for friends - [Dec. 7th 2022]
  • Get rid of everything I don't need anymore (go minimalist)
  • Drive a Porsche
  • Change 1 Person's Life for the better (outside my family)
  • Build a cool outdoor kitchen in our backyard
  • Meet a celebrity in person and get a picture with him/her
  • Buy a VOLVO XC 60 R with 300+ HP - [Jan. 2022]
  • Run a Biohacking retreat for like-minded people

Events to Attend in 2023

  • Some Mastermind event
  • Some Marketing event

Travel Goals


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Idea by Joel Runyon on IMPOSSIBLE

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